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Reboot Camp

Founder's Message

As a Transitioning Service Member within your SkillBridge window of opportunity and eager to reboot your mindset with our "Transition AS Wellness" approach, you should consider if the Civilian Ready SkillBridge approach suits you.


-Eddie Dunn

 Chief Executive Officer and Founder


The Civilian Ready Reboot Camp is the foundation from which emerges a new civilian identity before leaving military service.

A series of overlapping components enable building capabilities, honing skills, and applying practices needed to execute a unique transition mission. 

Experienced team leaders guide cohorts as transitioning peers journey together through the eight transformation levels of the Civilian Ready Experience.

Agile Learning Blend

Independent Study

Social Study

Civilian Interaction

Reboot Camp Summary

15 weeks / 8-12 hours per week

Welcome to the transformative Reboot Camp experience, where we believe in building a strong foundation for mastering a new civilian identity. Our program is designed to create a pathway toward a purposeful, passionate, and impactful civilian destiny before leaving the military. Through overlapping components, we empower participants with intelligence skills to gather knowledge and adopt practices necessary to determine their path forward and effectively execute a personal transition mission. Get ready to embark on a journey of self-discovery and professional growth.


Unveiling the Transformation Journey

Embark on your transformative journey as you delve into Delta Intelligence.

Gain insights into the complex realities of military-to-civilian transition and begin crafting your unique strategy for navigating changes.



Unlocking Your Inner Strength

Cultivate an Adaptive Mindset for resilience. Discover the art of managing stress, embracing change, and conquering the mind's innate counter-productive tendencies.


Kickstart your journey into the world of Life Design thinking, equipping yourself with the knowledge and skills necessary to shape your destiny.


As you progress through weeks 4 to 7 you will acquire methods and put them into practice to set the stage for a future filled with purpose and fulfillment.



Crafting Your Next Mission

As you continue drafting your Life Design, you simultaneously embark on the exciting path of shaping your next mission.


You will dive into the essence of your current personal brand and set the stage for aligning it with the one you aspire to build for your future.



Recognizing Your Social Style

Continuing on your path of self-discovery and personal growth, you learn about Social Style and gain the insight to recognize the preferred interaction styles of those around you to adapt your communication to suit the needs of others.


Armed with this knowledge, you will be able to establish meaningful connections.



Defining Your Civilian Identity

Your Life Design work reaches its culmination.  You will define your new identity and map out the civilian destinations you are set to explore.


This groundwork will not only guide the construction of your resume, professional bio, and digital profile but will also serve as the blueprint for your future success.



Elevate Your Professional Growth

You will refine your learning, aligning your career path to target the most promising opportunities.

You will master the essential skills that will enable you to get valuable referrals and position yourself as a top candidate.


WEEKS 10-12

Master the Arts of Networking & Interviewing

Accelerate your career search by immersing yourself in networking to discover potential opportunities.


You will also get used to navigating the job interview process and practice how to showcase your value.


WEEKS 13-15

Your Transformation Endures

As your cohort journey gradually winds down, you will receive ongoing support from your team leader.


It is a pivotal time, and you will be Civilian Ready to confidently advance your new life path forward.

Beyond Reboot Camp

A 36-Month Commitment

We are dedicated to tracking your progress beyond the Civilian Ready Reboot Experience. Every three months, we will organize cohort gatherings to boost your resilience, share personal success stories, and celebrate your achievements.


Together, we will continuously build a thriving community fostering both personal and professional growth.

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